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What is the CEOS IDN?

The CEOS IDN is an international effort developed to assist researchers in locating information on available data sets. The CEOS IDN Master Directory provides free, online access to information on worldwide scientific data in the Earth sciences: geoscience, hydrospheric, biospheric, satellite remote sensing, and atmospheric sciences. The CEOS IDN Master Directory describes data held by university departments, government agencies, and other organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is the difference between the Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) and the International Directory Network (IDN Master Directory)?

The Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) is a directory of Earth science data and services, funded by NASA for the purpose of tracking and subsequently locating NASA's Earth science data and services. The International Directory Network (IDN) Master Directory is part of NASA's contribution to international Earth sciences efforts. It extends the GCMD capabilities for use by interagency and international collaborators.

2) What is an IDN Master Directory "Portal"?

The Wikipedia definition for a portal: web portals are sites on the web that typically provide personalized capabilities for their visitors. The International Directory Network (IDN) Master Directory offers "virtual subsets" of the full directory, along with customized views for participants and groups to emphasize their contribution, track their data holdings, and wish to offer their content as part of the larger collaborative effort.

3) What is the method of communication among the worldwide participants?

The IDN Master Directory Newsletter is published twice a year in conjunction with the CEOS WGISS meetings. The Interoperability Forum provides a vehicle for communication related to the Directory Interchange Format (DIF) and Services Entry Record Format (SERF). It is through this Forum that additions, deletions, and modifications to these standards are made, in conjunction with ISO and other standards organizations.

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