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GCMD/IDN Software Release 9.9.3

GCMD/IDN Version: 9.9.3p1 Patch Release (April 2015)

The patch release fixes a bug in the GCMD’s search engine that caused lucene ranking order to not be preserved when a user issues a free text query. The controlled vocabulary search did not have this issue.

GCMD/IDN Version: 9.9.3 Software Release (May 2014)


The GCMD/IDN team is pleased to announce the release of GCMD/IDN System, Version 9.9.3. The improvements in this release include changes to server and database configurations, new default MWS behavior, and the ability to flag deleted DIF and SERF entries. New features include a prototype DOI landing page for dataset collections and a metadata tagging project that will allow users to organize their own collections of metadata.

Additional features and improvements include beta versions of portals for the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) and the Swedish Antarctic Research Program as well as several security patches and fixes.  

Metadata Tagging Project

The GCMD/IDN has implemented a generic metadata tagging API allowing organizations to apply externally defined "Tags" to metadata held in the GCMD/IDN database. This feature allows partners to create collection subsets highly customized to a specialized discipline or interest outside of what is defined in the metadata. (The new feature requires an account with the EOSDIS User Registration System (URS) ). Benefits to partners include:

1) Partners creating collections of metadata need not be involved with the metadata authoring process and no changes are required on the authors part;

2) These tags are not publicly displayed in any web interface; and

3) The tags can be used in creating DIF entry subsets for IDN portals or partner clients.

Post, Get and Delete syntax example:


curl -A "mozila" -H "Content-Type:application/xml" -u ‘<UserID>:<password>’ -d 
"value=LandUse” -X POST 


curl -u '<UserID>:<password>'


curl -A mozilla -i -u '<UserID>:<password>' -X DELETE 

Add delete flag to md_entry and service_entry

This new feature allows DIF and SERF metadata records that have been deleted to be automatically ‘flagged’ and found via the Metadata Web Service (MWS) using the following query syntax: /mws/dif/<entry_id>?deleted=true or any query with 'deleted=true'. For example: benefit of this feature is that providers will be able to view a log of their deleted metadata records and the associated Entry ID. The deleted records will not be searchable via the website keyword interface.


Prototype DOI landing page

A prototype Digital Object identifier (DOI) landing page was created as part of GCMD’s collaborative work with NASA’s Earth Science Data Systems DOI Working Group. The ‘landing pages’ contain pertinent information about a dataset collection that is currently described in the DIF. GCMD now has the ability to produce these landing pages with its current technology infrastructure and needs to be able to demonstrate this ability to stakeholders. The landing pages use a "tab" style interface where only the most essential fields are visible by default. Clicking the second tab (or third if there are that many fields) will show the other fields. This tabbed interface is done with javascript, where each tab runs a script which changes the "panels" that are displayed.

MWS new default behavior (text instead of XML)

A fix to the Metadata Web System RESTFul API was implemented to return XML as the default format instead of plain text for a query’s output.

New Portal: Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS)

The Southern Ocean Observing System ( requested the creation of a portal in support of their Data Network which will provide access to data, products and services. A beta version of the portal is included in this release.

New Portal: Swedish Antarctic Research Programme

The Swedish Antarctic Research Programme ( requested the creation of a portal to be featured within the Antarctic Master Directory (AMD)’s National Antarctic Data Center portals. A beta version of the portal is included in this release.

Additional “Bug” fixes/enhancements

Several system security patches, bug fixes and back-end enhancements are included with this release, including:

  • Fixed an issue with the pages tags. Currently all DIFs with Platform:Terra include the tags; this was changed to only include the tag on Platform:Terra-Instrument:Modis exclusive records.

  • Server and database configuration default settings established for Keyword Manager and KMS.

View the previous 9.9.2 release announcement.

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